Keeping connected
Keeping connected
24/11/2014 | Channel: IT, Technology
Data replication ensures optimum quality of service all the way to the edge of the enterprise, says Steve Driver of DXSTRO
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  Excellence in ethylene optimisation
Excellence in ethylene optimisation
24/11/2014 | Channel: Equipment, Exploration & Production
John Hague discusses Middle East ethylene optimisation, from design through production
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Group Victor Peeters | The right cleaning solution

Group Victor Peeters was founded in 1955 by Mr. Victor Peeters, as a modern cleaning company that has since worked in government and industrial markets.

Outokumpu | Keep on rolling

Outokumpu is a global leader in stainless steel that has been instrumental in developing the stainless steel industry into what it is today.

Isolated Systems Limited | Isolating the solution

Established in 1970, Isolated Systems Limited (ISL) began life as a modest venture serving the heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) industry and has since grown to become a leading supplier of bespoke engineering solutions around the world.

Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies | Bigger and better

Essentra Pipe Protection Technologies, which forms part of the Component & Protection Solutions division of Essentra plc, specialises in the manufacture of high performance innovative products from commodity resins to engineering-grade thermoplastics and polymer alloys for use in a range of end-markets, in particular the oil and gas industry.

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