A strong supply
A strong supply
22/01/2015 | Channel: Support Services
Jonathan Shortis of DHL on the unique supply chain needs and challenges in the oil and gas industry
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 Leading the way
Leading the way
23/01/2015 | Channel: Human Resources
Sherief Hammady discusses enhancing the leadership reserves in the oil and gas industry
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Total Refinery Leuna | Cracking the market

Following a three-year construction period, the Total refinery at Leuna first went into operation in 1997.

Pipeline Technique | Welding the arc

Following a review of working practices, procedures and welding methods in pipeline construction, and an evaluation of the industry’s future needs, the potential for the introduction of automatic welding techniques was highlighted.

Coltraco Ultrasonics | Protecting assets

Since its inception in 1987, Coltraco Ultrasonics has been an industry leader in the design and manufacture of ultrasonic measuring devices with applications within a broad base of primary markets comprised of fire safety, defence, shipping and vessel management, offshore oil and gas platforms and installations, power generation as well as energy distribution utility companies and distribution sub-stations.

UBH International Ltd | Tank commanders

Enjoying a worldwide reputation for excellence in design and quality UBH International (UBHI) is the UK's only manufacturer of the full range of inter-modal tank-containers for the secure transportation of bulk liquids (both chemical and food-grade) and gases.

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